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Feb 10 2010

A year of a baby in 2 1/2 minutes

I just love this video! Such a simple idea to take photos every day for 12 months of your baby’s life. It is made even better by a brilliant choice of song to go with it.

We took so many photos of our baby, not wanting to forget a single moment. Now it seems to be artwork he brings home from nursery that is filling up the cupboards… can’t throw a single piece away though! Read more »

Oct 20 2009

Checklist – things NOT to buy before baby is born

image of pregnant woman shoppingWhen I was pregnant, we had a great idea. Buy everything baby needs before it is born. But how much of it did baby actually use? Looking back it would have saved us a fortune if we had bought the bare minimum and checked what we actually used and needed, before taking a trip to the shops.     Read more »

Aug 19 2009

Child and baby safety – 13 things to look out for in your home

Some accidents in the home can be prevented by using simple common sense.

safety in the kitchenTake a close look around your home. Look at your home from your point of view and from your new baby’s point of view – this does mean getting on your hands and knees and crawling about! If you are heavily pregnant – get your partner to do this bit! You will notice different things this way – the cat’s litter tray, the waste paper bin, the stone frog sitting by the fire….  Read more »

Aug 19 2009

My baby nursery – What do I really need to buy?

You can go to town fitting out your baby nursery. It can be a lovely thing to do whilst you are pregnant. Choosing wallpaper, colour schemes, a cot, you name it… or you can beg and borrow from friends and family and search online or in 2nd hand stores. Whatever  you choose, it can be a minefield for 1st time parents. Just what do you need? I bought lots of things thinking I MUST have them, only to never use them at all. Clever marketing made me think I needed them.  Read more »

Aug 08 2009

Baby and child safety in the home – useful information

I found it suprising how many things in my home were a potenital hazard to a baby or toddler. Many accidents in the home can be prevented by using  common sense and buying  simple child safety products.  Read more »