Aug 19 2009

Newborn baby checklist – what do I need to buy before the baby is born?

Please print out and use this list as a guide to the things you need for your new baby.

things to get your new baby

Going out

  • car seat for newborns
  • pram or pushchair, designed for newborns. Pushchairs are only suitable for young babies if they have fully reclining seats which let the baby lie flat.
  • raincover for your pram or pushchair
  • baby carrier(also called slings). These are attached with straps and your baby is carried in front or behind you.


  • crib, carry cot or Moses basket, with a firm mattress
  • bedding – 4 sheets  (cut down larger sheets or buy special crib/basket ones) and 2 lightweight blankets


  • Baby bath (Any large, clean bowl will do as long as it’s not metal. (We used a washing up bowl – our baby loved it) Or you can always use the sink, but remember to wrap a towel round the taps for safety.
  • 2 Soft flannels
  • 2 Soft towels (with hood if preferred)
  • Mild “Baby bath” solution
  • Baby hair brush and comb
  • Baby massage oil
  • Cotton wool balls
  • Bath thermometer (optional)
  • Two towels, the softer the better.

There’s no need for special baby towels, unless you want them, but keep the towels for your baby’s use only.


  • Reusable nappies
  • Cloth nappies
  • nappy pins;
  • nappy liners
  • plastic pants – about four pairs,
  • either tie-on or elasticated.
  • a bucket with a lid
  • nappy sterilising powder or liquid

Disposable nappies

  • 2 pkts Newborn size
  • Wipes, or cotton wool
  • cotton wool
  • a plastic changing mat;
  • baby lotion or baby wipes – you can use plain cool water in the house but wipes are handy when you are out
  • a bag to carry all the nappy-changing equipment when you go out.


  • Comfortable chair for night-time feeding
  • You may find a V shaped cushion comfy when feeding


  • Breast pads
  • Nursing bras

Bottle feeding

  • six bottles with teats and caps
  • sterilising equipment;
  • a bottle brush;
  • infant formula milk – (check the sell by date if you are buying this in advance)


You won’t know for certain what size to buy before you baby is born. However she will grow into any that are too big, and you can send someone out to the shop to buy smaller ones if needed

  • six baby gros for both day and night
  • two cardigans, wool or cotton rather than nylon, light rather than heavy – several light layers of clothing are best for warmth;
  • four vests;
  • a shawl or blanket
  • a woolly or cotton hat, mittens, socks or bootees for going out if the weather is cold –
  • a sun hat for going out if the weather is hot or the sun is bright.

Washing baby clothes

  • If you use a washing machine, don’t use enzyme (bio) powders, as they may irritate your baby’s skin.
  • Always rinse very thoroughly.
  • Fabric softener may also cause a skin reaction.

Optional accessories:

  • Digital thermometer
  • Pacifiers /dummies
  • Sun shades for the car window

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5 Responses to “Newborn baby checklist – what do I need to buy before the baby is born?”

  1. Avita Martis says:

    I got a lot of info for my new born baby.

    Thank u so much. Can you also help me as to wat food i am supposed to eat post delivery.

  2. Jane says:

    Hi Avita
    It will really depend on whether you are going to breastfeed. If you are, then eat the same as when pregnant. If not, then just eat normally, healthy food of course! It is always best to check with your midwife if you have any concerns.

  3. Heidi says:

    Thanks a lot for the info, i am bit confused and over whelmed…the list sounds about perfect. thanks again.

  4. Olivia says:

    Thanks!!!! I had a project for school and this helped so much… The project is titled Baby, Think It Over! It’s about not getting pregnant when you’re still a teenager and not able to pay for all of the expenses.

  5. nicole weimar says:

    I was a teen mom I was pregnant at 15 and delivered at 15.My son is 3 years old now and I am 19. Im married and 37 weeks pregnant. If I did not get pregnant at 15 I would probably be a low life teenager who only knows about alocohol…a better project for you would be teen drinking!