Aug 19 2009

Child and baby safety – 13 things to look out for in your home

Some accidents in the home can be prevented by using simple common sense.

safety in the kitchenTake a close look around your home. Look at your home from your point of view and from your new baby’s point of view – this does mean getting on your hands and knees and crawling about! If you are heavily pregnant – get your partner to do this bit! You will notice different things this way – the cat’s litter tray, the waste paper bin, the stone frog sitting by the fire…. 

Child and baby safety – 13 things to look out for in your home:

  1. Where are chemicals stored? Bleach, household cleaners etc
  2. Toilets – can a toddler get into your toilet?
  3. Taps – can a toddler reach them and turn them on?
  4. Staircases – this sounds obvious – but don’t miss it out. You don’t need to worry about staircases until your baby starts to move about on her own – but better to be safe than sorry
  5. Sharp edges on tables and other furniture – look for furniture at child height and below – like coffee tables
  6. Electrical appliances – does your toaster or kettle cord hang over the worktop, can any appliances or appliance power cords be reached? Where do you keep your electric razor, curling tongs, hairdryer, mobile phone charger, headphones. In the modern world – the list is almost endless.
  7. Plug sockets – it’s amazing how many you have – count them and count again – it is easy to miss one or two out – and they are usually at a perfect height for little fingers.
  8. Heavy furniture that could fall on your baby – bookcases, lamps, entertainment units, CD towers.
  9. Window blind cords – do they have loops that can get caught round a child’s neck? I was alerted to this danger when my cat got caught in the cord of my window blind!
  10. Sharp utensils – where do you keep your knives?
  11. Doors that lock on the inside – like the bathroom or toilet.
  12. Choking hazards – anything that is small enough for a baby or young child to put in their mouth, do you have any decorative stones, pot-pourri, candles.
  13. Look for broken items – these could be your things, or your child’s toys. Throw away anything that is broken.

Once you are aware of potential danger-spots –  you can remedy many of them simply.

Sometimes de-cluttering and tidying up will eradicate many of them. Removing items (if only until your child is old enough to not use them as a toy) and putting things out of reach are two more ways of child/baby proofing your home (remember anything that is moved higher up like onto a mantle-piece – make sure it cannot fall). Any toys or books that are for your child – make sure they can reach them easily.

Using child safety products does help protect our children and gives us peace of mind. Try these great safety products

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3 Responses to “Child and baby safety – 13 things to look out for in your home”

  1. Ali says:

    Thanks for this post. My little boy is seven months today and started to grab everything and put it in his mouth, including my hair, shoes, bits of fluff on the carpet… everything. I caught him with a plastic bag the other day and almost had a heart attack. We are going to start child proofing the house now!

  2. Jane says:

    Hi Ali – yes it is scary! I was so suprised at what my little ‘un could get hold of. So much better to be safe than sorry!

  3. Miriam Wooten says:

    Thank you for the great post – I had fun reading it! I always enjoy this blog.