Aug 08 2009

Baby and child safety in the home – useful information

I found it suprising how many things in my home were a potenital hazard to a baby or toddler. Many accidents in the home can be prevented by using  common sense and buying  simple child safety products. 

Remember that young children and babies still need to be supervised even if safety devices are installed. You’d be surprised at how inventive kids can be!! Our son tried bashing the newly fitted stair-gate with his toy hammer – that desperate he was to try and open the gate to get up the stairs! Of course I was alerted to him doing this by the sound of ‘bang, squeak’ ‘bang, squeak’ with the toy hammer going at full pelt.

The first thing I would recommend you do is take a close look around your home. Look at your home from your point of view and from your new baby’s point of view – this does mean getting on your hands and knees and crawling about! If you are heavily pregnant – get your partner to do this bit! You will notice different things this way – the cat’s litter tray, the waste paper bin, the stone frog sitting by the fire…. Have a look at our articles  on child and baby safety in the home and child safety products.

Once you are aware of potential danger-spots you can remedy many of them simply. Sometimes de-cluttering and tidying up will eradicate many of them. Removing items (if only until your child is old enough to not use them as a toy) and putting things out of reach are two more ways of child/baby proofing your home (remember anything that is moved higher up like onto a mantle-piece – make sure it cannot fall). Any toys or books that are for your child – make sure they can reach them easily.

No amount of de-cluttering will be enough though, some things will need child safety products fitting to make them safer.

Using child safety products does help protect our children and gives us peace of mind. Try these great safety products

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